Terms of Service

The page explains how the PixSharer website works. When using the website the user must agree to the terms of use of our services.

Conditions of use of the website

The website is a collaborative photo service and aims to offer the largest photo distribution network in world where photographers can share their photos with all users. With a visitor-friendly interface that makes it easy to share a simple photo or create albums on different topics.

PixSharer is a website for everyone to use and is strictly forbidden to share photos and images:

  • Copyrighted
  • Content related to drugs or beverages
  • That has repulsive or disgusting content
  • That has pornographic, prejudiced or violent content
  • Which has content related to medicines
  • That serve as a hosting for your site
  • That fits your advertising network

All photos will be checked by our team and those that do not agree with the terms of service will be deleted.